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Artizana in Fine

This authentic, artisanal French barrel reverts back to tradition.


Tasting and the consistency of ‘haute futaille’ American white oak have garnered a reputation for this barrel in France.


The combination of a long-standing origin for fine European oaks and the signature French style.

Eclat Fûzion

Eclat Fûzion Half & Half

The ECLAT FÛZION barrel is a compromise solution at the intersection between the brazier tradition and the modernity of ceramic heat toasting. The staves are first bent and toasted using an open fire, traditionally. Then, midway through the toasting, the process is completed by a gentle, in-depth ceramic toasting process. The ECLAT FÛZION barrel offers an aromatic profile that leans towards sweetness, fat and fruit integrity, whilst also developing the classic, structuring notes of the traditional barrel. The toast/smoke characters can be customised depending on the winegrower’s desired style.


Eclat, our best-seller – gourmet

The ECLAT barrel encapsulates the influence of wood toasting using ceramic heat. The staves of the barrel are bent over a wood fire then thoroughly ‘cooked’ through to the heart using ceramic heat. Deep, uniform toasting of the staves caramelises the wood sugars without the presence of smoky notes. ECLAT promotes expression, fruit integrity and site-expressiveness

Eclat Hŷdro

Eclat Hydro – Sheer fruit

The shell of the barrels is prepared by saturating it with steam from magnetically treated water.
Once the HYDRO phase is complete, the staves are bent without the use of a brazier and the toasting is done through ceramic heat. The wood is cooked and the barrel toasted without ever coming into contact with a flame or smoke. The HYDRO steam promotes and homogenises the caramelising of the wood sugars using ceramic heat, through to the heart and around the edges of the staves.
The ECLAT HYDRO barrel offers an exceptional level of smoothness and a very elegant contribution to the wine, with an aromatic profile that preserves freshness unlike anything else.

Aromoak oak alternatives


Aromoak oak alternatives

18mm Staves