Traditional cooperage

Custom cooperage

The Vinéa Cooperage has the unique ability to match the finest stave wood provenances with those of the wines using perfectly suited, precision toasting technologies.

Our ability to offer maturations that show the greatest respect for tradition combined with cutting-edge solutions allow the intrinsic character of the wines and spirits to be enhanced within our barrels.

Each of the barrels crafted in our workshop meets the specific needs of individual winegrowers.

Respect for tradition or innovation

Traditional cooper-style, open-brazier toasting is applied to the Mendocino (American oak), Magjar (Eastern European oak) and Artizana in Fine (French oak) brands.

Unique, innovative toasts are used for the Eclat ranges.

These are barrels with bespoke aromatic profiles to show off your wine in an even better light!


Artizana in Fine

Quality craftsmanship is taken to an even higher level in this authentic barrel with its French style.
Meticulous selection of the finest fine-grain French-origin wood, open-air drying, the intimate setting of the workshop and braziers fuelled by oak offcuts mark each stage of the production process for this traditional barrel.
The ultimate result is the familiar aromatic style fusing French elegance, presence and structure.



The finest North American ‘haute futaille’ white oak from Minnesota and Missouri (Quercus Alba) coupled with minimal seasoning of 26 months in the open air and a bespoke toast are the defining features of our Mendocino barrel.
Its genuinely delicate, rounded and exotic presence have garnered our American oak barrel its well-deserved reputation. It is often described as the most elegant with the most consistent quality.



The combination of a historic birthplace for fine European oaks and a signature French style characterise our Magjar barrel. A meticulous selection of fine-grain wood from Eastern Europe coupled with the skills of our coopers allow us to craft this elegant, refined Magjar barrel.
For winegrowers, this means their wines can benefit from a fairly powerful, balanced and relatively smooth aromatic structure which preserves fruit integrity.